How to unlocking my Motorola Titanium i1x if i forgot my PIN or pattern

How to unlocking my Motorola Titanium i1x if i forgot my PIN or pattern

If you forgot the pattern or your PIN is not working, the Motorola Titanium i1x will allow you to log-in with the Gmail information you programmed into the Motorola Titanium i1x during setup.

You will need to try entering a pattern or PIN at least five times. If you fail to draw the correct unlock pattern or pin on the screen after five attempts, the Motorola Titanium i1x will prompt you to wait for 30 seconds before you can try again.

Press OK or wait for 30 seconds before attempting again.

After you press OK, the lock will come back again with a button on bottom right that states Forgot pattern.

Touch Forgot Pattern.

You will be prompted to sign in using your Google/Gmail account and then to create a new screen unlock. You can skip entering a new security lock.

If you forgot or are unsure about your Google password, but you know your Gmail login or Google account name, you can have Gmail send you a password change request link to your other email address through your computer, by following the steps below:

Please use a computer to visit
From the Gmail login page click on the “Can’t access your account?”
Follow the steps in that guide to recover your Gmail login information.
Once your login information is recovered, please use that information to unlock the Motorola Titanium i1x using initial steps above. If you recently created your Gmail account or changed its password, allow up to an hour to try the new password.

Note: You must have had a Gmail account setup on the Motorola Titanium i1x before you locked the handset to reset your PIN through Gmail.
If the steps above did not resolve your issue, the last option is to attempt an external reset of your Motorola Titanium i1x. Click here for more information on this option.