How to delete all my personal information from Samsung GT-S5830?

How to delete all my personal information from Samsung GT-S5830?

Your Samsung GT-S5830 allows you to delete all your personal information from the device. This lets you ensure your data is removed before sending the device for repair or giving the Samsung GT-S5830 to a friend or family member.

To delete your personal information, from the Home screen go to Menu > Settings > General > Back up and reset . If you would like to format your memory card as well place a check mark next to Format SD card.

Read the information provided then touch Reset device. If you have a security lock enabled on the Samsung GT-S5830 you will be prompted to enter the lock information before proceeding. Touch Delete all to delete all information and downloaded applications.

The process may take a few minutes while your Samsung GT-S5830 removes your personal data and restores the Android platform to its original state. You can reinstall any downloaded or purchased apps from the Google Play Store.

Remote Factory Reset
1. To enable the remote factory reset on the device, from the Home screen go to > Apps > Google settings > Android Device Manager > Allow remote factory reset > Activate.

2. Sign into the Google account associated with the Samsung GT-S5830 you want to locate.

3. Click Accept to allow the location date to be sent to Google.

4. An interactive dialog box displays in the top left corner.

5. Click Erase then click Erase again to confirm deletion.

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