How to import my contacts from a .vcf file to Samsung Galaxy?

How to import my contacts from a .vcf file to Samsung Galaxy?

Please follow these steps to import contacts in a .vcf file to your Samsung Galaxy. Your device will need an external SD card for this process. Note: the exact steps for your Samsung Galaxy may differ slightly to those presented here.

1. Put the .vcf file on your device’s external SD card. To do so first copy the .vcf file to your PC and then copy and paste the file on to your device’s SD card when your Samsung Galaxy is connected to your PC with its USB data cable.

2. Once the file has been copied to your device’s SD card disconnect your device from the PC and then wait a few seconds for your Samsung Galaxy to fully adjust back to normal.

3. From the Home screen on your device touch Apps.

4. Touch Contacts (you may need to swipe left or right first to locate it).

5. Touch the Menu key.

6. Touch Import/Export.

7. Touch the location to which you would like to import these contacts (typically, Phone, Google account or Samsung account).

8. Your Samsung Galaxy will then search for the .vcf file and, when found, import the contacts to that location.

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