How to increase my Sony Ericsson ST18A-GD Battery time

Smartphones are known for consuming a lot of battery power and depending on your configuration your Sony Ericsson ST18A-GD might last longer or shorter than other phones. This topic contains some advice and info about what you can do to increase your Sony Ericsson ST18A-GD battery time.

If you have been using your Sony Ericsson ST18A-GD for a couple of week and still think that the battery time is a bit too low, heres some advice that will increase the Sony Ericsson ST18A-GD battery time.

You can also check battery consumption via the menu; Settings > About phone > Battery use, or Settings > Battery, or Settings > Power management > Battery.

Things that can be disabled or reduced when you don’t need them:

Dim the screen
Disable live wallpaper if used
Turn off 3G (WCDMA), 4G (LTE).
Turn off mobile data traffic
Turn off Bluetooth?
Turn off Wi-Fi?
Turn off GPS

By doing this you will increase your Sony Ericsson ST18A-GD battery time. But if you’re still experiencing a low battery time you can try the following:

When phone reaches 50% in battery level turn it off and pick out the battery for a few minutes. Put it back and connect the charger, now charge the phone turned off for about 5 hours or overnight. Start the phone as normal and check if the battery life time has improved.

You can also let the Sony Ericsson ST18A-GD drain the battery completely until it turns itself on and wont start again.
At this point connect the charger but do not turn on the phone, leave it charging while turned off until the battery indicator on the screen is completely filled.

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