How to optimise and extend the battery life on Samsung i8530 Galaxy Beam?

How to optimise and extend the battery life on Samsung i8530 Galaxy Beam?

The Samsung i8530 Galaxy Beam’s battery life depends very much on how the device is used.
If you are experiencing problems with battery life, then please refer to the list of suggestions below to resolve your Samsung i8530 Galaxy Beam’s battery issues.

Display settings: Long screen time-out setting or high display brightness will increase battery drain.
Try setting your screen timeout to 30 seconds and display brightness to Auto.

Third party apps: Apps that automatically sync data in the background will drain battery – e.g. social networking, instant messaging, news readers, weather widgets, etc.
The battery life can be extended by individually setting apps to sync less frequently or by disabling background data and auto-sync.

Multimedia usage: Please be aware that any apps or content usage that keeps the Samsung i8530 Galaxy Beam awake over an extended period will quickly drain the battery, e.g. reading books, playing games, watching movies, etc.

Signal bars: Check the number of bars that you normally see on your Samsung i8530 Galaxy Beam while at home or work. Using the handset in areas with very low signal uses a lot of power and therefore should be avoided if possible.

Latest available firmware: Software can be checked in Settings > About phone.
Upgrade your software using either FOTA (‘Firmware Over The Air’, i.e. wirelessly) or via Samsung Kies.

No power up: If a device fails to power-up, the first thing to do is check carefully for damage to the power key or battery contacts.
After checking, connect the phone to a working charger and leave it for a few minutes to see if it shows any sign of life.
If the Samsung i8530 Galaxy Beam does not power up, then you may have a dead battery or a faulty charger.

Drop down Menu: Using this to toggle Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS on or off.
Switching these applications off when not required, helps to avoid unnecessary power consumption.

Handy Tip to conserve battery power:

Follow the steps below to adjust the power usage on your Samsung i8530 Galaxy Beam. Please note that not all handsets have this feature.

1. From main (‘home’ or ‘idle’) screen, select Applications.
2. Select Settings.
3. Select Power saving.
4. Select custom power saving mode.

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