How to set up and use widgets on Motorola smartphone?

How to set up and use widgets on Motorola smartphone?

Widgets bring the content you want right to your Home page. Weather, news, messages, and updates from your social networking contacts are pushed to your widgets as the updates happen.

Tip: If you have a widget that is not updating, try removing it and reinstalling the widget

To add widgets to your home screen:

Touch Apps > WIDGETS tab, and there are your choices
Scroll through your list of widgets by flicking left/right
Touch and hold a widget and drag it to the desired location to add it
To install a fully functioning widget, be sure to use items from the WIDGETS tab (not the ALL APPS tab)
Move and resize widgets

To move a widget; touch and hold it until you feel a vibration, then drag it to another spot on the same screen or to another panel.

To resize a widget, touch and hold it, then release. If the widget is resizeable (some are not), it’s perimeter becomes highlighted – drag a corner to resize.

To remove a widget from the home screen:

Touch and hold the widget until it vibrates.
Drag it to X Remove at the top of the screen.

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