How to set up email on my Samsung Galaxy S4?

We are going to introduce how to use the Samsung Galaxy S4 to send and receive email from webmail services (Gmail, Outlook,Yahoo!, etc.), your home email address (Bell Mail, Sympatico, etc.) and Microsoft Exchange.

Please follow the steps below to add the email account:

1. Go to the home screen, select “Applications > Mail”

2. Choose “Email address”

3. Then you can fill one of your email adress

4. Select “Password”

5. Next,enter the email account password

6. Select “Next”. Please wait while the account settings are retrieved. If the account settings aren’t found, make sure you enter the correct email address and password. You may be required to enter incoming and outgoing mail server addresses and port numbers. Please contact your email service provider to obtain this information.

7. Choose “Account name” and enter a label that will help you identify this mailbox

8. The last,click “Finish setup”

9. Ok,your email account is synced with your smartphone and ready to use. If you want add other email accounts, repeat the steps above.

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