How to setup and use Mobile Hotspot on my Motorola Photon Q?

How to setup and use Mobile Hotspot on my Motorola Photon Q?

You can make your Motorola Photon Q a Wi-Fi hotspot to provide portable, convenient Internet access to other Wi-Fi enabled devices.

You need to subscribe to Wi-Fi hotspot service to use this feature. Contact your service provider for additional information.

To setup your Motorola Photon Q as a Wi-Fi hotspot:

Turn off Wi-Fi power by touching Apps > Settings > Under Wireless & networks turn Wi-Fi Off.
From the home screen, touch Apps > Settings > More > Tethering & Mobile Hotspot > Mobile Hotspot to turn on the hotspot.
Touch Mobile Hotspot settings > Configure Mobile Hotspot to change hotspot security and configuration settings:

Network SSIDEnter a unique name for your hotspot

SecuritySelect the type of security you want, and touch Save: WEP, WPA, or WPA2. Enter a unique password. Other users can access your Wi-Fi hotspot only if they enter the correct password.

Note: Keep it secure. To protect your Motorola Photon Q and hotspot from unauthorized access, it is strongly recommended that you set up hotspot Security (WPA2 is the most secure), including password.

Broadcast ChannelSelect a channel that minimizes potential interference. You may need to try different channels after your hotspot is active for a time.
Touch Save when the settings are complete. When your Wi-Fi hotspot is active, other Wi-Fi enabled devices can connect by entering your hotspots SSID, selecting a Security type, and entering the correct Wireless password.

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