How To Take A Screenshot or Screen Capture on The Samsung i5500

How To Take A Screenshot or Screen Capture on The Samsung i5500

When you see very nice pictures on your Samsung i5500 , you want to screen shot and share with good friends , but you don’t know how to do it with your Samsung i5500, then this tutorial method found on the Internet for everyone to share.

It is real easy to take a screenshot or screen capture with the Samsung i5500.

I hope this video will help you,follow it now:

Other methods:

Step One: Hold down the HOLD button and the BACK button for a few seconds. You can find that the HOLD button is on the front of the phone at the bottom, the BACK button is to the right of the HOME button.

Step Two: The phone will make the photo capture noise, and Screen captured. Saved as file image. should appear on the screen. The image will be stored in the Screen Capture folder on the phones SD Card.

StepThree: Some users have suggested that this brings up the task manager. If the above-mentioned does not work, another method is to hold down HOME and the POWER buttons at the same time, so you can have a try.

This method is really good , tell your friends who use the phone of Samsung i5500 now !

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