How to turn your HTC HD2 into a wireless router?

Before you try to set up your HTC HD2 as a wireless router, ensure you have an unlimited data connection with your provider.
We show you how to turn your HTC HD2 into a wireless router,follow these instructions:

1.Setting up your phone
First,Tap Start and go to Wi-Fi Router.If this is the first time you’ve opened Wi-Fi Router,select Next to skip the description.
Second,you need to set up the HTC HD2 Wi-Fi network by entering a network name and a ten digit WEP key.
third,select the data connection your phone uses to access the Internet, and then select Start.

2.If you have set up your HTC HD2 as a Wi-Fi router,please activate it:
First,select Start – Settings – Wireless controls.
Second,Tap the Off/On slider.(You can easily turn the phone’s Wi-Fi network on and off).
Third,when the wireless router starts,the wireless network name and WEP key are displayed.

3.Connecting your computer to your HTC HD2’s Wi-Fi network
First,click Start – Connect To – Wireless Network Connection (in Windows XP)
Second,select the name of your Wi-Fi network, enter the WEP key and then click Connect
If the HTC HD2’s Wi-Fi network did not show,refresh the list of networks.

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