How to unlock Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570 by code ?

It is very easy to unlock Samsung S5570 Galaxy Mini by code, it is also safest and non-invasive method of unlocking your phone. You need to provide IMEI number of your Samsung, if you want to get code for unlock Samsung S5570 Galaxy Mini . Type on keyboard *#06# or remove battery from your Samsung S5570 Galaxy Mini to check IMEI number.

We provide all codes from Samsung manufacturer database:

Network unlock code


service provider code

How to enter code in Samsung S5570 Galaxy Mini ?

You can enter unlock code in following ways:


1. Insert foreign (Unaccepted) Sim card

2. The phone should ask for unlock code

3. Enter Unfreeze or Defreeze code

4. Enter NCK or Network code


If your phone does not ask for the unlock code:

1. Turn on the phone with original Sim card or without Sim card

2. Enter #7465625*638*NCK/Network#


If your phone does not ask for the unlock code:

1. Turn on the phone with a foreign (Unaccepted) Sim card

2. Then enter the following sequence:





The phone is now unlocked.

How to unlock your Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570

1. Purchase the unlock code at

2. Enter the required phone information and contact information

– 15 digit IMEI # (press *#06#)

– Network provider phone is currently locked to

3. The unlock code will be emailed to you!

Unlock Instructions

  1. Power on phone with a non-accepted SIM card
  2. Phone will display prompt to enter unlock code
  3. Enter the unlock code provided by and your Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570 is unlocked!

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