How To Use Google Maps on HTC HD2?

HTC HD2 is a smartphone belonging to the HTC Touch family, manufactured by HTC and running the Windows Mobile 6.5 operating system.
The phone was designed and manufactured by HTC, and was released in Europe in November 2009,The phone is the successor of the HTC Touch HD, and is succeeded by the HTC HD7.

Follow these tips to complete the operation:
1. Just go to the Home screen of the HTC HD2, click Start.
2. Look for and click Google Maps.
3. Then click the Menu.
4. It will show “Get Directions”,click it.
5. Use my Location and skip to the step 8 or Click Start Point to enter a different start point.
6. At this time,find and click the Keyboard icon at the bottom of the screen and enter a start address.
7. Click the button of OK.
8. Click End Point.
9. Then click the Keyboard icon at the bottom of the screen and enter an end address.
10. Click the button of OK too.
11. Just click Show Directions.
12. Click OK too.
13. Click See map to see the directions on a map.
14. Next,click the Right or Left arrow at the bottom of the screen to step through the directions on the map.
15. Click See List icon to view the directions as a list again.
16. Now the Google Maps on HTC HD2 Setup is complete,do you understand yet? If you do not understand, please give me a message

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