What should I do if the keypad of my Samsung T699 is not working properly?

What should I do if the keypad of my Samsung T699 is not working properly?

1. Turn off your Samsung T699 and take off the cover gently.
2. Remove the battery.
3. Insert the battery back in again and check if the problem remains.

Ensure that your phone’s firmware is upgraded to the latest version. Or, upgrade your Samsung T699 to the
latest SW via Kies or FOTA.

If your Samsung T699 freezes or hangs, you may need to close all running programs or reboot the phone to
regain functionality.

To end a application using the Task manager, follow the steps below:

1. Push and Hold Home Button.
2. Select Task manager
3. Select the function what you want to end.

If this does not solve the problem, perform a factory data reset:
*Before doing the factory data reset, please backup your data via kies.
* Some Models dont have this feature.

Restoration requirements
1) You need to save your data to your Samsung account service.
2) You need to reset your Samsung T699 (Factory Reset) before proceeding with the restoration.

If users skip Wi-fi network connection process or Samsung Account Log-in process, they cant
restore the backup data.

1) Select a preferred language and tap “Start”.
2)Connect to the appropriate network.
3) Configure the time and date and tap “Next”.
4)Select “Sign-in”.
5) Provide the ID and password of your Samsung account and tap “Sign-in”.
6) Check the “Restore” checkbox to start the restoration process.

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