Can Harmony OS Run Android Apps?

Harmony OS is the latest operating system by Huawei, designed to offer flexibility and be used across a range of devices. A major concern for users when switching to a new operating system is whether or not their favorite apps will be available. In this article, we will explore the compatibility of Harmony OS with Android apps and how to run them.

Overview of Harmony OS App Ecosystem

Harmony OS has its own app store called AppGallery, which offers a wide range of apps for users. However, some popular apps may not be available on the store due to various reasons such as regional restrictions, licensing agreements, or developer preferences. AppGallery is rapidly expanding, with more developers joining it and optimizing their apps for Harmony OS.

App Compatibility with Harmony OS

Huawei has made it possible for Harmony OS to run Android apps, providing access to millions of apps. Harmony OS uses a feature called ‘Virtual Machine’ to achieve compatibility by converting Android code into Harmony OS-compatible code at runtime. This feature allows users to enjoy the benefits of both the Android and Harmony ecosystems in one place.

Benefits of running Android apps on Harmony OS

One of the significant advantages of running Android apps on Harmony OS is having access to a vast library of apps that were previously unavailable on Huawei phones. This feature enables users to enjoy their favorite apps while taking advantage of Harmony OS’s improved performance, security, and user interface.

Challenges of using Android apps on Harmony OS

While Harmony OS runs most Android apps seamlessly, it is important to note that some apps may not function optimally. Some apps may experience compatibility issues such as reduced performance, missing features, or unstable behavior. This is a common issue encountered on any platform when running apps designed for another platform.

How to Run Android Apps on Harmony OS

There are different ways to run Android apps on Harmony OS. Built-in methods include using the Petal Search app or Huawei’s Phone Clone app. However, users can also use third-party app stores such as APKPure and Aurora Store to get more apps. It is essential to note that sideloading apps or using third-party app stores poses risks such as security, stability, and potential infringement of intellectual property rights.

Future of App Compatibility on Harmony OS

Huawei has already announced plans to develop more apps for Harmony OS, including increasing compatibility with Android apps. Developers are also keen on optimizing their apps for this new ecosystem, which could lead to an increase in app compatibility in the future. This development could significantly impact the adoption of Harmony OS by users who rely on specific apps.


Harmony OS’s ability to run Android apps offers significant benefits to users such as access to millions of apps and improved performance and security. The process of running Android apps on Harmony OS may pose some challenges, but it is worth it for users. As Huawei continues to work on improving app compatibility, users can expect to see an increase in the availability and optimization of their favorite apps on Harmony OS.

Additional Resources
For more information on app compatibility on Harmony OS, users can refer to official documentation on the Huawei website, third-party guides, and community forums.

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