How to Check if Your Samsung Phone is Unlocked Without a SIM

Unlocking a Samsung phone allows users the freedom to use it with any compatible network carrier. However, determining whether a Samsung phone is locked or unlocked can be crucial when buying or selling a used device. In this article, we will explore various methods to check if a Samsung phone is unlocked without a SIM card.

I. Understanding Locked and Unlocked Phones:

Locked phones are typically tied to a specific carrier, restricting their use to that particular network. On the other hand, unlocked phones are not bound to any specific carrier, enabling users to switch SIM cards and connect to different networks with ease.

II. Why Check if a Samsung Phone Is Unlocked Without a SIM?

It is important to ascertain if a Samsung phone is unlocked without the need for a SIM card for several reasons. For sellers, accurately advertising an unlocked device can attract more potential buyers. For buyers, knowing the unlock status ensures compatibility with their preferred network provider.

III. Methods to Check if Samsung Phone is Unlocked Without SIM:

Here are four methods you can use to determine whether your Samsung phone is unlocked without the presence of a SIM card:

A. Method 1: Check using the Device Unlock App:

  • Open the “Settings” app on your Samsung phone.
  • Find and select the “Connections” or “Network & Internet” option.
  • Look for “Mobile Networks” or a similar option.
  • If present, select “Network Operators” or “Carrier.”
  • If the “Device Unlock” or “Network Unlock” option is available, it indicates that the phone is locked. Conversely, if no such option is visible, the device is likely unlocked.

B. Method 2: Check using IMEI Number:

  • Dial *#06# on the phone’s dialer to display the IMEI number.
  • Note down the IMEI number.
  • Visit a trusted IMEI checking website.
  • Enter the IMEI number and proceed with the verification process.
  • The result will indicate whether the phone is locked or unlocked.

C. Method 3: Check using a Non-Carrier SIM card:

  • Borrow a SIM card from a different carrier or network.
  • Power off the Samsung phone.
  • Insert the non-carrier SIM card into the phone’s SIM card slot.
  • Power on the phone.
  • If the device recognizes the SIM card and connects to the network, it suggests that the phone is unlocked. Otherwise, if an error message or lack of network connection occurs, it indicates that the phone is locked.

D. Method 4: Check using a Third-Party App:

  • Open the Google Play Store on your Samsung phone.
  • Search for third-party apps that provide unlock status information, such as “IMEI Checker” or “Device Info.”
  • Install a reputable app of your choice.
  • Open the app and follow the instructions to check the unlock status.

IV. Step-by-step Guide to Check if Samsung Phone is Unlocked Without SIM:

Here is a concise step-by-step guide summarizing the methods outlined above:

Method 1 – Device Unlock App:

Settings > Connections/Network & Internet > Mobile Networks > Network Operators/Carrier > Check for “Device Unlock” option.

Method 2 – IMEI Number:

Dial *#06# for IMEI number > Visit IMEI checking website > Verify IMEI to determine unlock status.

Method 3 – Non-Carrier SIM Card:

Power off phone > Insert non-carrier SIM card > Power on > Check for network connection.

Method 4 – Third-Party App:

Open Google Play Store > Search and install an unlock status app > Follow instructions in the app for unlock status check.


Determining whether a Samsung phone is unlocked without a SIM card is essential when buying or selling a device. By following the methods outlined in this article, users can easily check the unlock status of their Samsung phones, ensuring compatibility with their desired network carrier. By knowing the unlock status, you can make informed decisions and fully enjoy the flexibility a SIM-unlocked phone offers.

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